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80:00 South Africa ends up with the ball after a failed All Black attempt and the siren sounds to end the game.
78:40 Carter goes off as do a couple of others so that the entire bench gets a run.
78:05 Carter kicks to the corner for one last chance in the match.
77:40 The All Blacks will be looking to keep the South Africans scoreless.
75:30 Carter converts to make it 19 – 0 and gets 800 test points himself in the process.
74:00 Mealamu scores. Try!
73:50 The Springboks take a quick lineout deep inside their own half under pressure and the resulting in field pass goes directly into Mealamu’s arms.
71:45 The Springboks are trying everything but passes are not sticking and bounces are going against them.
71:25 Carter tries for another drop goal but again has it charged down.
70:00 South Africa just don’t seem to be able to hold on to the ball for too long.
68:30 Carter has another attempt at goal from wide out but misses.
67:30 Januarie tries to pick up the ball from a scrum but spills it and his number 8 picks it up in an offside position.
67:00 Carter shaped to pass then but saw the line spread early and the gap just opened for him to go through.
65:45 Carter finally converts some points to make it 12 – 0.
65:20 Carter scores. Try!
65:00 Carter receives the ball in midfield and steps back inside the defense to go over the line in the tackle.
64:45 New Zealand are only 5m out now.
64:20 Carter makes a great offload to Kahui who gets scragged in a desperate tackle.
63:45 South Africa spill it and the All Blacks look to go wide.
63:00 Another unforced error as the lineout throw is not straight.
62:15 Muliaina decides to run instead of kicking and is lucky enough to get a penalty for South Africa being offside.
61:00 South Africa have a penalty for a late hit and it gets punted a long way down field.
60:00 Berger is off for Watson and Januarie enters the fray as well.
59:00 Mealamu is on for Hore.
58:15 South Africa get a relieving freekick for using their hands in the ruck.
57:25 Montgomery is replaced by Steyn.
57:00 Carter tries for the drop goal but it gets charged down.
56:30 Afoa has it on the 22m line.
56:00 Montgomery does not clear and New Zealand are still well inside the Springboks half with a lineout.
55:10 No try so the referee rules a 22 dropout to South Africa meaning no advantage was given.
55:00 Advantage to the All Blacks as Afoa tries to score in the corner but it looks unlikely.
54:45 New Zealand are 10m short with Carter.
54:20 South Africa knock it on from their own lineout and New Zealand have a good opportunity now.
53:40 Carter kicks deep to touch in the Springboks own half.
53:00 Weepu is on for Cowan.
52:00 South Africa are getting beaten up in the rucks as they keep men in the backline in anticipation of going wide.
51:10 A freekick goes to New Zealand after the Springboks fail to release the ball in the tackle.
50:40 The All Blacks turn it over and Carter clears down field.
50:20 Springboks have number out wide.
50:00 South Africa only 2m out and trying to push over near the posts.
49:30 Pressure now on the All Blacks scrum.
49:00 South Africa have a 5m scrum from a great kick and chase.
48:30 Somerville goes off for Afoa.
47:00 Habana is substituted due to injury.
46:20 Montgomery misses again from out in front.
46:00 Thorn steps out of line to impede the chaser coming through and gives away a penalty.
45:30 Montgomery misses the conversion on his 100th game for South Africa.
45:00 The touch judge over rules the referee to give a penalty.
44:30 Cowan is under suspicion for a late tackle as the Springboks broke the line.
43:15 South Africa feed the scrum deep inside their own half.
42:30 A double knock on though sees the play come to a halt.
42:00 Cowan finds a gap up the centre to be 20m out and centre field.
41:00 New Zealand were lucky then in not having numbers at the tackle but the Springboks knock it on.
40:00 A good counter attack ensues but ends up going into touch as the siren sounds.
40:00 Carter kicks out to start the second half.
39:40 Carter swings it wide to Kaino with men outside him but he takes his eyes off the ball and puts it down.
38:45 Kaino muscles it up for the All Blacks to be 20m out.
37:00 The touch judge calls Habana for going into touch prior to scoring to the relief of the All Blacks.
36:00 South Africa get the ball off an All Black spill and in the next phase Habana goes the blind side and into score.
35:00 The All Blacks tackling one on one is superb and they get a penalty.
34:30 Smith makes a copy book tackle on de Villiers.
34:00 Another scrum packs down centre field and 5m out.
31:30 South Africa set the scrum only 5m out.
31:10 Cowan steals the ball off Habana in the tackle but gets penalised for it with a Springbok freekick.
30:30 Carter does the unthinkable and misses again for the fourth time.
30:00 Carter has another penalty attempt now for an infringement in the maul.
29:10 South Africa are looking a little tired from the expansive play the All Blacks are encouraging.
28:30 The All Blacks tacklers are doing some good work in preventing the ball carrier from going to ground.
27:45 In the end it is a lineout on the All Blacks 10m line to the Springboks.
26:45 James and Carter are playing a game of aerial tennis to gain some ground.
25:00 South Africa were unlucky not to score after some good work in beating Sivivatu and Muliaina to the ball only 5m out.
24:00 Carter misses the third attempt in a row.
22:45 The All Blacks get a penalty inside the Springboks 10m for not rolling away.
22:10 Obstruction against South Africa on a linebreak after reclaiming the ball.
21:40 This is a game of who can hold onto the ball as South Africa lose it themselves.
21:00 New Zealand are 15 out from their own 22 following the dropout but turn it over.
20:00 Carter goes the other way and misses again.
19:00 South Africa stop the ball from being released in the tackle and Carter now has a penalty attempt.
18:30 South Africa are having some trouble getting out of their own half with another scrum to the All Blacks.
18:15 Scrum to New Zealand midfield and 22.
17:45 Good option from Carter given the fast and flat South African defensive line.
17:30 Carter gets the ball and kicks in behind a fast approaching Springbok line but it goes too far.
17:00 They are only 5m in from the right hand touch.
16:00 The All Blacks are inside the 22 now and get a chance to pack down a scrum.
15:30 Carter chips over the top for Smith to gather.
15:00 New Zealand have a freekick just inside their own half to settle things down after some pretty adventurous Springbok running.
14:00 Habana shows his speed as he runs around Sivivatu but his final pass gets knocked into touch.
11:20 Both sides are prepared to attack and run the ball from deep.
11:10 Du Plessis makes a good run from the restart but fails to pass it to his outside men.
10:10 McCaw puts in a bone crunching tackle to see the ball pop out of the runner’s hands.
09:30 South Africa pack down a scrum only 10m out.
09:10 From the lineout the All Blacks give up a freekick and then another straight away.
08:30 Kahui punts the ball from the restart but it is not a good one and so the Springboks are only 15m out.
07:40 Carter narrowly misses the conversion to leave the score 5 – 0.
07:30 Smith scores. Try!
07:00 The ball goes wide to the left with McCaw putting in a little kick for Smith who dives to ground it.
07:00 The video referee is checking it.
06:20 New Zealand are only 15m out with Woodcock.
05:30 South Africa take a quick throw in but it goes wrong and the clearance gives the All Blacks the throw.
05:00 Carter cross kicks but it goes into touch only 10m out from the goal line.
04:30 All Blacks have a scrum on the Springboks 10m line.
03:40 The lineout and subsequent passing is very tired for the Springboks.
03:00 South Africa have a penalty and Montgomery kicks for touch.
02:00 The ball is kicked but it goes too far and they have to come back to halfway.
01:00 The All Blacks have conceded a freekick at the breakdown.
00:30 James kicks it out on the full already so we come back to halfway for the scrum.
00:00 Butch James gets us underway for the Springboks.

Welcome to Newlands for this much anticipated battle between the All Blacks and the Springboks.

The All Blacks win this one by 19 points to nil.  At halftime it is New Zealand 5 South Africa 0.